Saffron Vanilla workers Code of Conduct

  1. Punctuality: – Always be on time for your assignment, if you are going to be late call the client at your earliest opportunity, if you cannot get the client call Saffron Vanilla.
  2. Uniform: – Your uniform should be Chefs jacket, Chefs apron, Chefs trousers (not jeans) and protective footwear, hat, or skull cap. Always be smart and clean this means new jacket each day clean apron each day clean/polished shoes uniformed always ironed and crease free.
  3. Behaviour: – You are a professional and should always remain a professional. You are representing Saffron Vanilla and we expect ultimate professional service at all times. Your contract will be terminated if it is found that your action or behaviours cause the loss or part loss of the contract. An example being but not limited to walking out on a client, not showing up for your assignment, poor workmanship, unreasonable behaviour toward the client or the clients staff, stealing, fabrication of hours/timesheet/invoices.
  4. Timesheets: – Timesheets must be signed by the client at the end of your shift or business week. Unsigned timesheets do not guarantee payment. It is your responsibility to get your timesheet signed by the client. Signed Timesheets are an acceptance of satisfactory works.
  5. Sickness: – If you are sick/unable to make your assignment at any time please call Saffron Vanilla at least three hours before the beginning of the assignment. Please be sensible and do not let the client down and most importantly don’t let yourself down. Remember it’s your reputation as well.
  6. The Applicant will not divulge, at any time, during or after their employment, any operating, personnel or strategic procedures of the client or the company with which they were employed whilst contracting through SAFFRON VANILLA CO LTD. The Applicant cannot contact any client they have undertaken work with SAFFRON VANILLA CO LTD on a Freelance basis or as a company or partnership they are part of during a period of 12 months after leaving SAFFRON VANILLA CO LTD.
  7. Termination:– if you no longer want to work at your assignment please inform us as soon as possible of your intention to leave the assignment.